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Historic Piano Concerts

Music was always meant to entertain. Historic Piano Concerts aims to create a unique concert experience and instill interest in Classical Music through the use of the forgotten and beautiful sonority of historic pianos, housed within inspirational and original venues.

The Pianos

In these concerts, the pianos of yesteryear will recreate sounds which are truer to the masterpieces of classical music, doing without the largely standardised sound of modern pianos.

The Programme

Just as composers and great pianists of the past meticulously chose the best instrument to suit their music, so is the programme appropriately selected to suit the historicpiano being utilised.

The venue

A spiritually- and psychologically-lifting experience in the arts can only be attained through the choice of an inspirational and original venue. ‘The Silent City’ of Mdina, Malta’s old capital, with its mysteries and legends, sets the ideal atmosphere for these special concerts, while the use of a museum hall as a concert venue provides an original and most appropriate setting.

The concepts

Nowadays, most concerts follow a fixed recipe whereby the performer sits like a deity upon a special place on the stage, in front of the audience, creating a barrier which is not easily broken down. In Historic Piano Concerts, this barrier is eliminated as musicians perform in the middle of the audience many times and the listener becomes part of the performance.

Another concept that adds to the uniqueness of these concerts is the unification of arts – the appreciation of more than one form of art at once enriches the experience. For this reason, museum halls will be open throughout the concert and patrons will be welcome to walk around and enjoy the Art.

Nikolai Vukovic, 2017

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Grand Piano Rental for Private Concerts and Events

Nikolai Vukovic, in conjunction with Historic Piano Concerts (Malta) and the Mdina Cathedral Museum, is offering a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to organise an unforgettable private concert or event utilising a fine historic Blüthner grand piano from the year A.D. 1890 in the magnificent and inspiring Cathedral Museum situated in the heart of Malta’s old capital city, Mdina. This is suited for numerous events, such as

AGMs, Cultural Talks, Regency Balls, Art Exhibitions, Book Launches, Business Meetings, Special Celebrations, Private Concerts for Tourists, Film & Album Recordings.


– Use of 7 1/2 foot (228cm) historic Blüthner grand piano A.D. 1890

(piano is constantly maintained to highest concert standards by Malta’s leading Piano and Harpsichord Concert Tuner and Technician)

– 1 Concert Piano Tuning prior to the concert / event

For Pricing, Terms & Conditions, and more information, please contact me:

mobile: +356 79054688 | email: info@nikolaivukovic.com | web: www.nikolaivukovic.com | facebook: historicpianoconcertsmalta