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Historical Records

The second group comprises various historical records, mainly transcripts from notarial and episcopal archives as well as small collections of manuscripts recovered from dispersed archives and donated to the Cathedral. It has seven sections, with one section – entitled Miscellanea – being continually updated with new acquisitions. The earliest transcribed documents in this group date back to the 14th century. This group includes collections from various entities that for unknown reasons have found their place as part of the Cathedral Archives. A recent addition to this group is a collection of 473 parchments that lay dispersed and unclassified but are now being professionally catalogued by Prof. Stanley Fiorini. Another addition is a collection of no less than 4300 Lettere Consolari addressed in the late 18th century to the French Consul in Malta.

No. 1ACM Miscellanea (611 mss) ACM Misc.
No. 2ACM Fondo Panzavecchia (144 mss) ACM Pan.
No. 3Pergamene e frammenti (473 parch., 64 frg.) ACM Frg. and/or ACM Parch.
No. 4Processi de spogli (77 mss) 1686-1750ACM Spogli
No. 5Fondo Gesuiti (36 mss) ACM Coll. Ges.
No. 6Lettere consolari (33 mss) 1664-1798ACM Lett. Consulare
No. 7Fondo Dom Mauro Inguanez (38 files) ACM DOM M. Inguanez