History of the Cathedral – Mdina Cathedral Museum Archives

History of the Cathedral

  • 1944.png


    The Cathedral bears the title of Metropolitan since the Bishop of Malta was raised to the dignity of metropolitan archbishop and head of the ecclesiastical province of Malta and Gozo
  • 1888.png


    Manufacturing of the two clocks. One showing the hour and the other showing the calendar
  • 1856.png


    Whole fresco on the dome by the Manno Brothers was destroyed during another earthquake
  • 1774.png


    Work on the ceiling of the Cathedral was completed by the Manno brothers
  • 1765.png


    Inlaid marble of the Holy Crucifix Chapel was made by Francesco Zahra
  • 1754.png


    Construction of the Altar of Repose by Francesco Zahra
  • 1726.png


    Precious marble and a long lapis lazuli block replaced the wooden scannello on the upper part of the altar
  • 1705.png


    Work on the dome of the Cathedral was completed
  • 1703.png


    Consecration of the Cathedral by Bishop Davide Cocco Palmieri took place on the 8th October
  • 1702.png


    16th February 1702 marked the death of the Architect of the Cathedral,Lorenzo Gafa
  • 1699.png


    Hoisting of bells by a hazardous operation
  • 1693-b.png


    11th April 1693 the Chapter decided to have a new Cathedral to replace the old structure after being presented by a report of the damages in collaboration with Lorenzo Gafa'
  • 1693-a.png


    The earthquake that shook the old Cathedral on Sunday, January 11th. It was the result of volcanic activity of Mount Etna in Sicily. Only the newly built choir area survived.
  • 1679.png


    Laying of the first stone of the Baroque Cathedral's choir attaching it to the old apse holding it from collapsing
  • 1615-1633.png


    Baldassare Cagliares was the only Maltese native to become the Bishop of Malta during the Knights stay
  • 1530.png


    Date on the chestnut door saved from the ruins of the old cathedral after the earthquake. A splendid example of carved wood in the Sicilian tradition
  • 1370.png


    Casting of the oldest bell by Magister Victor et Nicolaus Frater, now preserved in the Cathedral Musuem
  • norman-times.png

    Norman Times

    During Norman times the Cathedral was the seat for the bishop of Malta although not all bishops resided in Malta