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The Metropolitan Chapter

The Metropolitan Chapter of the Cathedral of Malta is made up of 30 Canons, besides a number of Canon coadjutors and honorary canons. The Cathedral Chapter is responsible for the running and for the liturgy of two churches, the Cathedral Church of St. Paul at Mdina, which is also a Parish Church, and the Co-Cathedral Church of St. John in Valletta. The latter was formerly the Conventual Church of the Knights of St John, but when in 1798 Napoleon expelled the Order, St John’s Church was entrusted to the care of Cathedral Chapter and later raised to Co-Cathedral.

The members of the Cathedral Chapter are divided into two sections, one section serving at Mdina and the other in Valletta. The Cathedral Church is the seat where the bishop of Malta has his Cathedra.

The Cathedral Church of Mdina has a very long history. Count Roger of Normandy, who in 1090 conquered the Maltese islands from the Moors, reinstated the bishop at the Cathedral. In 1299 a new church dedicated to St. Paul was being constructed. The Church of St. John in Valletta has a much later origin; it was constructed by Grand Master La Cassiere in 1578 following the the building of the city of Valletta after the Great Siege of 1565.

The Cathedral Chapter runs two important museums: the Cathedral Museum in Mdina and the St John’s Museum in Valletta, the latter jointly with the St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation.

(Next to each Monsignor’s name is the respective date of appointment as Canon of the Cathedral)

Organisational Chart

Metropolitan Chapter

Mgr Louis Camilleri, B.A., Lic.D.(11.02.2007)
Vice President
Mgr. Anthony Gouder (31.03.2009)
Mgr. Prof. Hector Scerri (28.01.2018)
Mgr Salvino Micallef B.A., Lic.D. (11.02.2007)

Mgr Joseph Galea Curmi, S.Th.D (14.08.2015), Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General
Mgr. Philip Calleja P.E.P., A.M., M.O.M., O.M.J., Capp S.S. (13.01.1980), Archdeacon
Mgr. Prof. Vincent Borg, D.D., H.E.D., Arch.Chr.L, Prel. S.S. (13.01.1980), Cantor
Mgr. Mario Tong (08.10.2021), Archpriest
Mgr. Victor Grech B.A., Lic. D., M.O.M., Prel. S.S (16.09.1990)

Mgr. Lawrence Cachia Chap., Lic. D., M.O.M. (16.07.1994)
Mgr. Alfred Xuereb (14.03.1998)
Mgr. Vincent Deguara (26.07.2003)
Mgr. Joseph Mifsud Bonnici, B.A., Lic.D., (26.07.2003
Mgr. Anton Vella BA., Lic.D., Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit. (03.12.2005)

Mgr. Tarcisio Delicata (11.02.2007)
Mgr. Joseph Bugeja B.A., Lic.D. (11.02.2007)
Mgr Louis Camilleri, B.A., Lic.D. (11.02.2007)
Mgr. Salvino Micallef, B.A., Lic.D. (11.02.2007)
Mgr. Carmelo Farrugia (11.02.2007)

Mgr. Anton Gouder, M.S.Th., M.A. Matr.C.L. &amp ; Juris.(31.03.2009)
Mgr. Lawrence Gatt B.A. Hons., Lic.D., J.C.D., M.O.M., Capp S.S. (29.11.2009)
Mgr. Anton Cassar B.A., Lic.D., M.A. (21.09.2014)
Mgr. Prof. George Grima B.A., Lic.D.,S.Th.D., M.A. (23.01.2016)
Mgr. Charles Cordina, Capp.S.S. (23.01.2016)

Mgr. Joseph Bajada S.Th.B., M.S.Th., J.C.D. (23.01.2016)
Mgr. Frans Abdilla S.Th.L. (23.01.2016)
Mgr. Victor Zammit McKeon Capp S.S. (28.06.2016)
Mgr. Joseph Brincat (28.01.2018)
Mgr. Alfred Vella S.Th.L. (28.01.2018)

Mgr. Dr. Edgar Vella S.Th.L., Ph.D. (28.01.2018)
Mgr. Hector Scerri B.A., S.Th.L., S.Th.D. (28.01.2018)
Mgr. Kalċidon Vassallo (14.08.2019)
Mgr. Paul C. Vella S.Th.L., J.C.L., Capp.S.S. (24.08.2021)

Coadjutor Monsignors

Mgr. Carmel Attard (23.01.2016)
Mgr. Joseph Farrugia (28.01.2018)
Mgr. Emanuel Agius M.A., S.Th.D., MQR (28.01.2018)
Mgr. Dione Cutajar (14.08.2019)

Mgr. Vincent Cachia (14.08.2019)
Mgr. Richard Borg B.A., Lic.D. (14.08.2019)
Mgr. Alfred Camilleri B.A. Lic.D. (14.08.2019)
Mgr. Lawrence Zammit (14.08.2019)
Mgr. Valentino Borg M.S.Th. (14.08.2019)

Ad honorem
Mgr. Norrie Bonavia, B.A., Lic.D.
Mgr. Joseph Borg (Qormi)
Mgr. Joseph Bartolo
Mgr. Lino Grech S.Th.Dip., J.C.L., Capp.S.S.
Mgr. Carmelo Camilleri S.Th.Dip.

Mgr. Carmelo Mercieca S.Th.B.
Mgr. Mario Camilleri M.S.Th., Capp.S.S.
Mgr. Jesmond Manicaro S.Th.L., S.L.D.
Mgr. Michael Bugeja B.A., S.Th.B.

KTG – General Management Committee

John Gatt
Administrator / Secretary
Mariella Cutajar
Mgr. Saviour Micallef
Mgr. Mario Tong
Mgr. Alfred Vella
Mgr. Dr Edgar Vella
Dr. Petra Caruana Dingli
Lawrence Zammit

Cathedral Board

Mgr. Mario Tong
Louis Cilia
Mgr. Vincent Deguara
David Mallia
Lawrence Cassar
Mariella Cutajar

Museum Board

Chairman and Curator
Mgr. Dr. Edgar Vella
Mariella Cutajar
Mgr. Kalċidon Vasallo
Can. Dr. Nicholas Doublet
Dr. Gerald Montanaro Gauci
Alex Vella
Stephen Degiorgio

Archives Board

Dr. Petra Caruana Dingli
Mario Gauci
Mgr. Prof Hector Scerri
Dr. Joan Abela
Dr. Frederick Aquilina
Mariella Cutajar
Can. Dr Nicholas Doublet
Prof. Stanley Fiorini
Joseph Schirò
Prof. William Zammit

Executive Committee

Mgr. Louis Camilleri
Mgr. Anthony Gouder
Mgr. Salvino Micallef
Mgr. Hector Scerri

Administrative Council

Mgr. Louis Camilleri
Mgr. Anthony Gouder
Mgr. Victor Zammit McKeon
Mgr. Joseph Brincat

Mgr Louis Camilleri

Mgr Louis Camilleri was born at Dingli, Malta, on 27th July 1944, son of Joseph Camilleri and Michelina nee’ Abela. He was the third of ten siblings. He attended the Dingli Primary School (1949 – 1956) and the Lyceum at Ħamrun (1956 – 1961). In 1962 he commenced his studies at the University of Malta where he graduated in B.A. General (1966), in B.D. (1968), and in Lic.D (1970). In 1962 he entered the Seminary at Floriana and commenced his training for the priesthood. He was ordained priest on the 15th March 1970. In September 1970 he started working at the Cana Movement. In 1971 he attended a training course with the Catholic Marriage Advisory Council of Great Britain (September – December 1971).
In 1976 he took part in an international exchange programm in USA through the CIP – Council for Internat ional Programmes (April – August 1976). In 1976 he was appointed Assistant Director of the Cana Movement, and in 1987 he was appointed Director of the Cana Movement, which role he served until July 2006. Throughout this time he participated in many international conferences. In 1991 he was appointed board member of International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR), where he served until 2006.

In September 2006 he was appointed Canonical Advisor to the Parties at the Metropolitan Tribunal. In 2007 he was nominated Canon of the Metropolitan Cathedral. In 2014 he was nominated council member of the St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation. In 2016 he was nominated President of the Cathedral Chapter and President of the St. John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation.

Mgr Anthony Cassar Archpriest of St Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Mdina. Born in Siġġiewi on the 5th of August 1946, his parents Albert and Josephine nee Mallia. He received his primary education at Luqa Government’s School and his Secondary education at St Aloysius College Birkirkara. He continued his tertiary studies (Philosophy and Theology) at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Malta.

Mgr Anthony was ordained priest on the 20th July 1974, by His Grace the Archbishop Michael Gonzi. He begun his pastoral ministry in the parish of Siġġiewi, followed by the Risen Christ Church in Tarxien Cemetery and in the Social Action Movement where he occupied various positions.

He worked at the Pontifical Missionary Office now known as Missio, office for the Clergy, Parish life, and Institutes of Consecrated Life at the Archbishop’s Curia. He formed part of the Committee of Christus Rex Society for Priests.

In 1983 he was posted as parish priest of St Bartholmew’s Parish in Għargħur, then in 1991 parish priest of Christ the King Parish in Paola. In 1998 he became the parish priest of Our Lady of Graces in Żabbar, and in 2003 Provost Archpriest of the Collegiate Basilica of St Helen in Birkirkara. In 2014 he was appointed as archpriest and member of the Metropolitan Chapter at St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina, and is contemporaly the Director of Dar tal-Kleru (residence for diocesan and religious elderly priests).

Mariella Cutajar

On November 17th 2014, Ms Mariella Cutajar assumed the role of Administrator for the Metropolitan Cathedral, Museum and the Archives.

Ms Cutajar has previously occupied roles in Human Resources, Finance, Quality and Production at Playmobil Malta Ltd and Lufthansa Technik Malta Ltd. She was appointed administrator by the ‘Kumitat Tmexxija Ġenerali’ (KTG) which is a committee assisting the Metropolitan Chapter in managing and administering the three entities above mentioned. Ms Cutajar has studied Management at the University of Malta.

In her new role Ms Cutajar shall be taking the three entities through some challenging times to ensure that these showcases of culture and heritage are well preserved and made known to the many artists, researchers, students and the local public in general, together with the tourists that visit our islands.